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How It Works

How it works

Chris - your prescription is ready for pick up. Because you're on time, you'll pay just $20! Usually it's $30. Next month: Fill on time again & pay $18.

Thanks! I'll pick it up today.

When you are responsible with your health, you save our healthcare system real dollars. Sempre allows you to share in those savings by reducing your out-of-pocket costs whenever you take healthy actions, like filling your prescriptions on time.

Look out for a letter or email from your health plan inviting you to enroll (This takes just 5 seconds. Trust us, we’ve timed it.) You’ll start to see reduced copays immediately, wherever you usually pick up your medications. It’s that easy.

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Improve medication adherence and delight your members, for free. Pick and choose medications from Sempre’s comprehensive portfolio to deploy a customized, effective and scalable intervention that is completely aligned with your formulary and clinical priorities.

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