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Pay less on every prescription you refill on time. Typical members will save up to 45-65% on their out of pocket costs every year!

Sempre will send you text reminders for when it’s time to refill and let you know how much you will save.


It’s simple. The more you do for your health, the more you save.

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I was having a hard time paying for my medicine without this program with this program I’m able to get my medicine and be able to take the proper dosage that has been assigned to me I really appreciate this program thank you so much

This program has been a blessing to my life, especially during my recent knee replacement! The savings freed money that replaced earned income levels I no longer had. Your program makes a large difference in our lives! Thank you so much!!! I have and will continue to recommend your services to my friends.

This program has helped me so much by saving me time and so much money for other necessities in my life. It has also helped me so much when there have been misunderstandings with the pharmacy, by facilitating communication between my insurance and the program to help me. It has been a lifeline and has taken so much stress off of me, which I needed after my blood clots and finding out I need to be on a lifetime blood thinner. I’m so grateful for this program! β™₯️

Without the savings on my [diabetes medicine] through your company I would not be able to afford to purchase it each month and therefore wouldn’t be able to keep my sugar numbers in check. I am so very thankful that you provide such a program as this for those of us with limited income each month. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I am so appreciative especially at this time of year… every penny saved can go towards family and loved ones

I really appreciate the program. Without the program I would be paying more a month. This is an excellent program. I am so thankful for the discount. It makes life a lot easier. Thank you so much.

[Sempre] has helped me to pay bills, buy gas feed my family, I am greatful for all you do.

I am very blessed that there is a program that is out there that can help people like me that are diabetic and that we can get our [diabetes medicine] at no price I just want to say thank you very much and I really do appreciate all that you do for us

I have appreciated this program so much ALL your employees have been so helpful every time I have any questions they are very quick to reply & have always helped me plus the savings have been greatly appreciated! Thank you

It is very nice having the monthly prescription refill out of my mind, as I am an executive with many things to be concerned about. Also, I have contributed the funds saved to my favourite charity

As I have a limited income, but enjoy serving our youth by working at a low income school district, [Sempre] allows me to manage my health in an affordable way. I have numerous prescriptions, and this allows me to fill them all. I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity and service. It’s a blessing.

I am so appreciative of the help and professionalism of your company. The program has saved me a lot of money on a life-saving prescription drug. I take many other medication’s and they cost me approximately $200 a month or more so being able to save on this prescription for [medicine] has been a tremendous help. Your company has not only saved me a lot of money but time as well by sending in refills. I appreciate all of the help that your company has given me and I like to thank all involved. Respectfully submitted, [name]

I really appreciate the assistance that I receive from Sempre when it comes to my [diabetes medicine]. My worries with the cost of my medications is at ease

The program had helped my life so much.

I find it very simple. You tell me it’s time to order and I type in the letter R and you order it. Then you tell me it’s ready to pick up. Brilliant!

This program has not only saved me the money but it has allowed me to be able to afford the medication. I would also like to thank the staff that always reaches out to me every month to let me know in such a pleasant way that It is time to get my medicine. Those same staff have answered questions and supported me and I appreciate it very much thank you. Thank you for everything.


The savings has of a great help freeing up money to pay for other rising costs such as gasoline and groceries! Thank you!!

It’s a relief to have the extra money to put toward my other medical costs (copays). This program is a great cost savings to patients for their required medications to promote health compliance.

FANTASTIC program! Helped me to afford my insulin and be able to buy more choices of food! Thank you SO much!

I have Heart problems ,thyroid, blood pressure ,high cholesterol, and [my partner is] a diabetic ,saves me a lot of money . Thank you !!

This has been great. With prices going up and on a fixed income this has been a big benefit.

I’m a school bus driver, I dont make much money and I’m laid off 4 months a year… this means the world to me… thank you…

Obviously the savings of money is truly a blessing. Since we work for the county of [county name], the hourly wage isn’t very high, so anything I can save helps. My husband is on disability, so every penny counts! We also believe in paying it forward, so with our blessings we are able to help others. It’s a win win for everyone! πŸ’•

Sempre is great πŸ‘ They have saved me thousands of dollars. The text reminders are very much appreciated. I have been with them for many years and I am very satisfied with the service they offer. I recommend them highly Thank you

The [diabetes] program you offer is amazing! It has saved me hundreds of dollars. My hsa would totally have been depleted in a few months if I was paying what my insurance allowed for. The discount you provide allows me to stay on a drug that is working for me. Otherwise, I would have asked the doctor if we could find other options. Thank you for allowing [diebetes medicine] to be affordable!

With everything in our world so unpredictable and unknown, I can feel grateful knowing my medication is affordable and always available!! Thank you for my husband and myself!!

[Sempre] has helped me greatly. I am the only one working so this program is a blessing .

[Sempre has] definitely been a blessing. Every discount truly means food & even Gas to get to work. Thanks again. God Bless !!!

Without [Sempre] i don’t believe i would be able to afford it and therefore not taking it. It is nice to now that there are programs out there to help in this way and to try and make my life better. Thank you. [name]

[Sempre] means a lot to me, not sure how I could afford it anymore without it, thank u so much!

Having 4 kids. 2 in college, 1 getting married and one married with 2 of our beautiful grandkids every penny saved on medication can go towards our family. They mean everything to us.

[Sempre is] helping me save money and its helping to keep my blood sugar where they need to be.. Thank you

[Sempre has] freed up more money for my family due to cheaper co pays

[Sempre has] financially helped me especially during unemployment

There is no way that I could possibly afford to pay for my medicine without this program

It has definitely been a help to me by bringing the cost down on [my diabetes medications]. I lost my job due to Covid-19 and the Government shutting down the industry that I was employed in for almost 25 years. So this program has helped me save money to use other basic necessities. Otherwise I would be going without this medication or food. Thank you for helping me with this program.

This program is so awesome! Anything that can save me money on a monthly basis gets my vote and high regards. It doesn’t cost me a thing to be a part of the program and it gives me great discounts on my medication that I refill every month anyway. It’s a win win situation! Thank you sempre

This program has allowed me to keep my diabetes under control, because without the program I would not be able to afford the medications

I absolutely love this, I have lost weight, lowered my A1C and never felt better!

[Sempre] improved my health because without the assistance I could not afford the medication regularly because I am on a fixed income. Thank you very much.

Heck yeah it has [helped]. It’s helped lower my A1C tremendously. And not have to break the bank to pay for it or even not be able to get it because I couldn’t afford it. I have children and to be able to do this and not have that stress is a life saver. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The program has allowed me to refill and be able to pay for my medications without having to choose which other bill I was not going to pay

This program has saved me so much money on this medication. I am able to afford other medications I need because of this program. I wish this can be done with all my other medications.

As a senior on a fixed income, I truly appreciate the $150 saved. The reminders sent have helped me to be more mindful of taking my [diabetes medicine] as prescribed. My A1C has decreased as a result. I am happy about that and pleased with my progress.

This program makes it affordable for me to get a prescription that works very well that I wouldn’t be able to afford other wise. It frees up money to go towards other necessities like food and heat. Thank you!

I thank Sempre for letting me have extra money each month to buy groceries for me and my granddaughter instead of paying for this prescription. Thank you again.

This program has made it possible for me to afford a life saving medication. I am eternally grateful for the help.

Thank you so much. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate the help .

I truly appreciate the savings you have afforded me. First, it makes me feel that you care for me by making this medication more affordable, that means a lot, thank you. Also, the saving side is so helpful in allowing that money to be used for other expenses. Again, thank you for all you do!!!

Thank you for all the help you’ve given me over the years! I sure do appreciate it!

Thank you so much for this wonderful program. Sempre has helped me and my family by making my [cardiovascular] prescription affordable. Without this program I wouldn’t be able to afford to fill my prescription every month and that could affect my health. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. πŸ™

[Sempre] has saved me from serious medical issues because with out the discount I could not afford to take this medicine thank you

Without Sempre I wouldn’t even be able to get [my diabetes medicine] and it has made a huge impact on my diabetes management. Thank you for your help. Truly a lifesaver!

My wife is being treated for metastatic breast cancer. Our medical expenses are astronomical. Saving even a few dollars here and there is extremely helpful. Saving $15-$35/month on the [dieabtes medicine] is a gift from God. Thank you Sempre.

This program has made a significant impact on our financial situation with the number of medications/prescriptions purchased every month. We are so impressed that BCBS offered this option to us. Thank you!

I am very thankfull knowing that I am able to have my medications , and not have to worry between paying a bill or purchasing the medications that I need !! It is blessing knowing that there are programs and people and companies that are there such as Sempre ., Bless all of you that are involved in helping me , and being a provider for me. I am very grateful of thee , and it has greatly had an impact in my life , and my health knowing I have relief of knowing of the costs of these medications have been lifted. God bless all of you..!!!!

It is nice to know someone cares enough to help us little guys out. In this time of struggling times for all. We sure do appreciate the discount on this program. Thanks

[Sempre] has helped tremendously since my husband’s cancer treatments is costing us a fortune and we are both living off social security. Thank you!!

It’s been incredible. It’s been a huge savings to our family

It’s not just the money but having someone remind me of my refills is great and the fact that someone always gets back to me when I have a problem is amazing. Thank u so much

I really appreciate the savings and how you keep me informed. In these days of prices constantly going up the savings allows us to afford something’s we may not have done or purchase. Thanks

I am very forgetful, so the reminders are wonderful for me. The injection is helping me maintain my A1C well.

I appreciate the savings on my copay and the refill reminders! Both benefits help me to maintain compliance with my medicine. Thank you so much!!

[Sempre] has allowed me to stay on track with my [dieabetes medicine]. Without it I would not be able to afford my medication.

The medication make it easy to control my A1C. This program helps me keep it adorable and in my budget.

This program has made it easier for me to afford filling all my prescriptions on time and not having to skip a dose because I didn’t have enough money to pay for it. Thank you for this wonderful program.

The program has made this medication affordable. I don’t need to worry if I can afford to buy it. Thank you!

Saving $446 would impact anyone’s life with all of the inflation that we are experiencing the money that I have saved with this program has help offset the price of gasoline I most certainly appreciate this program and all the help that you have provided me financially thank you

The [diabetes medicine] is a Excellent program with amazing customer service.?The team is very knowledgeable and assist with your customer needs. Thank you for your outstanding service.

[Sempre] keeps me on track with refills. So convenient that I don’t have to look up Rx number and call the pharmacy then I get a text when ready not to mention saving money!

[Sempre] has helped a lot. It frees up money for other medical expenses

The reminders helped with the refills on time. The savings really helped. [Diabetes medicine] is not cheap. Thanks for your help.

This program has afforded me the opportunity to manage my diabetes without the worry of expense.

Amazing! My a1c is 5.7, I feel great and saving money has helped so much more than you know!

It is really good. I just worry about not getting my prescription on time. My prescriptions are automatic refills so I just want everything to work together.

It has dropped my A1c so I don’t require diabetic meds and I have lost about 15 pounds.

Due to Covid my medication costs have tripled. This has helped me afford my meds.

The program has helped me immensely. I value this program greatly. I hope that it will continue. I didn’t know how much I saved.

It’s an amazing experience. The price has helped me tremendously. Thank you

This discount program has been a great help to me. My prescriptions have increased so much but getting this at a discount has been a real blessing!

Since I’ve been on [diabetes medicine] I have had much better control of my blood sugars. I have had none of the possible side effects that were mentioned. I’m very happy with the program and grateful for the savings.

[Sempre] has lower my a1c , thank you for helping me out

I really appreciate the savings, and wouldn’t be able to afford this medication without it. Thank you!

[Sempre] has helped me save money for my other medical expenses that unfortunately have gone up a little.

In the five months so far. [diabetes medicine] has help me reduce my portion intake that results in a small portion of weight loss. Starting to understand what my meal portions are like, since I love to eat, and recently looked over my eating habits, and I believe I eat my feelings to cope with boredom and mental stress. I look forward to see what this great medicine will do for me in the future, since it has already made a small change now. THANK YOU!

I love the program its been a really big help for me thank you.

This program has been a huge financial blessing

Love the program! Removes so much stress

The reminders really help me attend to when it’s time to refill, so I never run out!

The price has also helped make sure that I can always get the medication on time.

[Sempre is] saving me lots of $. I would not be able to afford this otherwise.

I’m retired so I’m on a set income. So every penny counts. This makes me very happy.

[Sempre has] been very helpful. I am disabled and it’s tough making it through the month with all the bills. So it’s been great having a break in my meds. Thank you

The program keeps me on track of my prescription and saving dollars on the copay. I just love it.

[Sempre has] saved a lot of money in these hard times. Very much appreciated!! Thank you for your kind help

Thank all of you from [my health plan and] Sempre helping us with the price of [diabetes medicine] truley a blessing for me truly appreciated so very much!A bonus you all our very nice people.

[Sempre has] saved me a lot of money, and as a result, I did not have to substitute another cheaper medicine that may have not been as successful in achieving the results I needed.

An incredible savings. It sure helps with other bills I have to pay. Thank you.

I would not be able to afford this medication without this program. It is really helping me control my numbers!

This has had a tremendous impact, as it saves me a great deal of time and money. As a hospital chaplain, my time is limited as is my income.

I never had to worry about when it needed to be refilled, as I got timely texts reminding me. I also never had to worry about how much it would cost me, as the texts would always let me know, so I didn’t have to worry about making sure I had the money, since it was ALWAYS very affordable. Thank you for that.

I would not be able to afford this medication without this program. It is really helping me control my numbers!

I am loving the discount and the results of maintaining good health and savings. Thank you for helping me out!

[Sempre has] helped a lot there have been some months I probably wouldn’t have been able to get my prescription if not for the savings. I really appreciate it!!!!

This program has been very helpful financially. Saving on each prescription filled gives me a bit of extra for groceries or other expense

[With Sempre] I can actually pay my bills. Also buy food so I can eat.

This program is wonderful. Without it I wouldn’t be able to afford the [diabetes medicine] and would have to go without or reduce the amount I would use.

It has helped my A1C with a good diet. Im so grateful for this product.

Great!! I’m retired and on a fixed income and any help on lowering my cost on prescription drugs helps immensely!!!

Thank you so much, the savings I have received from Sempre has helped me tremendously through the hard times. Much appreciated!

[Sempre] has help us out financially so much. I’m so appreciative of this program. Thank you

[Sempre] has made my families financial burden a little more tolerable. Thank you!

This program has saved me quite a bit of money. It is a godsend! Thank you so much! I appreciate the opportunity to be part of this program!

Sempre has really saved me some months, by filling on time I’m able to keep my medications cost down and affordable. Thank you Sempre

I believe that [cardiovascular medicine] is one of my medications that is keeping me alive. I appreciate this program since as a retired person I am on a fixed income. Thank you!

This program has saved me money every month and continues to impress. I am so glad that Sempre & [my health plan] have teamed up. I hope more programs like this become readily available for those who struggle to pay for their medications. Thank you!

[Sempre] helps keep my diabetes under control. Appreciate the cost effectiveness of medication. Customer service assistance has been great!!

[Sempre] has saved me enough money that I can be more generous in my charitable giving.

The savings fir me has really helped. A senior sometimes has to choose between food and meds. Thank u for letting me be a part of your program

Thank you for this program. It has help me greatly. I spend a lot of money monthly on my meds as I use 3 different shots for my diabetes. Thank you so much for lifting some of the financial burdens

This is a huge help to our family’s budget!

This program has helped me more than my words can say, I mean coming from a person who actually and really needs their [diabetes medicine] immensely, thank you.

The money saved on my prescription has gone toward the groceries, this helped with buying more fresh fruit and vegetables

I am grateful for this program. The customer service is fast and professional

[Sempre is] giving me more money to buy food for my family during the pandemic time, thank you

I have filled the prescription. This drug would have cost me $50 per month or $600 per year under my insurance. I greatly appreciate this program. I work a full time job and I am a single income household .

Having diabetes meds can get very costly, im very thankful for this discount program

Tremendous difference. Lost of weight and 1/3 of the insulin. Plus feeling much better about myself.

The impact has been tremendous! Truly a blessing for my family.

[Sempre] has helped a lot financially so I can keep my diabetes under control

It has been great these expensive medications have been made mor affordable and allow me to stay compliant

It has significantly reduced the financial burden of having to make monthly co-pays on two newly prescribed meds.

[Sempre] has been a big help financially. I am so thankful.

Thank you for the savings I have received through the year. It is greatly appreciated and [my diabetes medicine] has helped me keep my A1C controlled

Very convenient. All I have to do is go pick it up. Thank you so much.

[Sempre] has helped me financially kept me on track with taking on time

Means another to be able to afford the [diabetes medicine] and not have to split the rx..thanks

[Sempre has] made it easier to keep track of my medicine and hassle free refills as well as good savings thank you

It has knocked my bill down drasticaly it makes it more affordable

For [my diabetes medicine], it has been a lifeline. My finances have changed drastically and it has been great to save money

This program has helped me so much financially. Thank you

Love the savings I get on my prescriptions since my out of pocket expense is limited.

[Sempre] Lowered my A1C and saved me on my co-pay. Much appreciated.

854 reasons to love Sempre 😍

[Diabetes medicine] has not only helped me lose weight but took me off my insulin all together!! I love it

[Sempre] Keeps me healthy and doesn’t gouge my bank account…I am poor so that is appreciated

[Sempre] makes it so convenient and saves money at the same time.

You all are awesome!!

The low cost has allowed me to take control of my weight and diabetes.

[Sempre] helps me out tremendously for the payment being lower. The medicine is what I need to help manage my numbers and having this program is a plus for me

[Sempre] saves me a lot of money due to having other meds that I take.Would like to tell you thank you for your help in my paying for this med

[Sempre does] a great job monitoring my supplies and making sure a get a low copay. Thank you

Since I am on several medications it has helped me afford my medications a little more

Thanks. You guys have awesome customer service!

This program has given me some financial security. Thank you for this.

This program is great; it has helped me with savings on my prescription cost for my diabetes. Thank you so much.

Cost savings for each month are amazing – helps me out with all the meds I take each month

The program has helped tremendously. It keeps me on track to get my medicine and takes the worry out of having to order it. Thank you so much!

This program have really helped me save money for my prescription. I like if I have a question I can text them and they get back to me they care about your health needs. I really appreciate them.

I love it. The savings are awesome. I hope it continues throughout the coming year… keep up the good work πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ˜‰

This program has helped me with paying for my prescriptions and also keeping them filled on time

I’m extremely happy with the savings especially through these uncertain times. Thank you again!

With the cost of everything these days all savings are greatly appreciated.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to have this program, it’s a great feeling I can get a better control of my sugars. Thank you

Without this program I would not be able to afford this medication. This medication has controlled not only my A-1 C but has helped with blood pressure as well thank you for making this available

[Sempre] has helped me cover other household expenses

Having the help on the [cardio medicine] has helped tremendously due to I take quite a few other prescriptions so I’m paying around $400.00 per month on medications and over the counter stuff so without your help I wouldn’t be able to afford some of my important prescriptions like [my heart medicine].

[Sempre] has made it possible for me to afford a medication that has been beneficial to my health.

[Sempre] has made my monthly prescription expenditure more reasonable and manageable. I really appreciate the saving you have provided and the excellent customer service! Thank you

It’s helps so much. I’m small income so it’s helps thank you

I think it’s wonderful for people on a fixed income. It takes away the worry about what it will cost each month. I wish it was easier for people to know about this. I didn’t know until a coworker told me and I had been on it before her.

I’m very happy that I’m able to save and be healthy at the same time. Without this program it would be difficult to do that. I’m also happy with the help and support I get from you! Thank you

This program has saved us a good deal of money. My husband disabled so he lives on a fixed income. Saving us this amount of money can help pay other bills or just help with gas when he has medical appointments. Thank you for helping us.

This program has been a Godsend! It has saved me much money and is so appreciated so I can manage my diabetes. Thank you so much!

It has made it affordable for me to get the medicine I need so bad!

Greatly.. i can afford the medicine i desperately need

It’s nice to be notified that my prescription is ready for pickup. Plus the additional savings is huge. Thank You!

Helped me to lose weight

Thanks to you guys it’s helping me to pay for my lens and I’m very happy thank you very much

The saving money is always a good thing

Alot every bit of savings helps

Program is great it has helped me save a lot of money

It has been working out great I’ve had no problems keep up the good work.

It has been great thank you guys

I love how the price is manageable

[Sempre is] wonderful & saves me a lot.thanks.

Saved me so much, and reminder to get My meds on time

It’s is greatly appreciated the savings I have had through you program Thank you

Let s just say it’s been good for me

A saving for us seniors in these times is very welcome


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