COVID-19 Sempre Health is proud to remain fully operational and is committed to ensuring that life-saving medications stay accessible and affordable for you and your family.

A program your members will love

How it Works

You know your members best. That’s why Sempre lets you deploy interventions only where you need them. Choose the medications and behaviors you care about. Then, with a simple data transfer from you, Sempre does the rest.

Sempre’s turnkey enrollment materials have some of the highest response and opt-in rates in the industry. And, enrolling takes just 5 seconds – no passwords, downloads or complicated steps. Now, that’s engagement made easy.

Enable healthy behaviors and affordability all at once. Sempre’s dynamic discounts and conversational SMS experience guide and financially align your members with their broader goals. Our backend integrations ensure Sempre discounts are available everywhere, so all your members have to focus on is their health.

Sempre’s real-time web dashboard lets you monitor enrollment, behaviors, engagement and outcomes from one place on any device. Track program performance and better understand your members in less time than it takes to open Excel.

What to expect

Sempre programs work

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